Social Media Strategy

The more we work with clients, the more we learn that many people have no problem with how to post to social media. They are on social media multiple times a day for work and personal reasons.

Instead, people want to know what to post to promote their business, when to post it and, ultimately, why they should post it at all. They need a plan that makes sense for their business objectives, a plan that helps them to make more sales, and a plan they can easily follow in amongst their other daily tasks.

Our social media strategies are customized one-month plans that outline the what, when and why of your social media content. 

We work with you to:

  • Identify your target audience
  • Determine your overall, measurable objectives 
  • Draft key messaging
  • Brainstorm content ideas
  • Determine appropriate social media tools
  • Determine content format (i.e. text, photos, videos, etc.)
  • Create a distribution strategy
  • Develop a measurement strategy

The best part? You receive your customized social media strategy in an editable Word document that you can re-save, edit, update and use again.


Would you like to revamp your social media strategy? Contact us!