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Fresh Voice Media Website Launch


Yes, I admit, this has been the fourth iteration of the site this year. However, since this is my first year in business, I've had a lot to learn. That's fair, right?

Each of my other sites didn't feel quite right. The designs were just okay, and the content was decent, but they didn't feel right. Now, finally, I'm using Shopify (for some reason it took me too long to realize it would work for me), and I'm looooving it. I've used it before for client sites, but this is my first time diving deep into it and building from the ground up. It's FUN. I can't wait to build more sites on this platform.

So, besides Shopify, what's new about this particular version of freshvoicemedia.com? Well, I'll tell you.

  • My content is properly organized and easy to navigate
  • I have included information about the brand new FVM Collective
  • I now have a Shop feature where I will be selling digital products and courses very soon
  • I've got a blog where I'll be sharing ongoing news

I can't wait to start incorporating more of my own photography, as well as other custom photography in the near future. I'm just thrilled to finally have a site on a platform that works well and that I'm proud of.

Thanks for following along!



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